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    I want to open a shared mailbox for a department.
    I just want to give the users basic permissions, not full access.

    So I opened a user with a mailbox.
    And then using my outlook, add the users to the mailbox.

    Is there a way to add the users to all the subfolders of the mailbox at once?

    If I have a mailbox with a lot of subfolders, I must change the permission at each one?



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    Re: Shared Mailbox

    1. What do you mean by "give the users basic permissions, not full access"?
    What access or tasks do you want to permit or prevent?
    2. Maybe the next solution is better?:
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      Re: Shared Mailbox

      Log in as the shared user.
      Delegate and from the outlook you can specify which folder should be visiable, you can select all folder too.
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        Re: Shared Mailbox

        Well, I'll try to explain

        Let say I have a department who need a shared mailbox
        I want the users to be able to do everything they want to the mailbox, besides changing the permission.

        So I created a user, with a mailbox.
        Opened it from my outlook as another mailbox.
        And changed the permission, so the department member's could access the mailbox.
        But in this way, I need to change the permission for every folder.

        I'm looking for a way to give this department access in a more centralized way.

        Under inbox they open many folders.
        And if a new user is joining this department, I have to add his permissions to every folder



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          Re: Shared Mailbox

          Ah, that case, there are many way to achieve it, but this is what I usually do

          Make a group, and add users to it. -> so in the future you just have to users to the group.
          You don't have to give access permisson on each folder, you can right click the Mailbox - xxxxxx <-user name and set the sharing permission
          or select the inbox and rigt click and set the sharing permission. (change sharing permission) add the group and give right permission. (outlook 2007)

          Or you can right click inbox and go to properties and go to security and set them up.(outlook 2000), outlook 2003 should have similar feature.

          good luck.
          MCP, MCSA+messaging, MCDBA, OCA.


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            Re: Shared Mailbox

            First of all, I'm using exchange 2003 with outlook 2003
            Second, the permissions on the mailbox level, doesn't affect the subfolders

            What to do?



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              Re: Shared Mailbox

              That's the way it works I'm afraid; permissions are not inherited. You have to grant permissions on each folder level that you want the other user to see/use.

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                Re: Shared Mailbox

                Thanks to all of you

                Is there no other tool for IT admin for this situation?