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Exchange DS not update new DCs after disasterrecovery ?

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  • Exchange DS not update new DCs after disasterrecovery ?

    Hi all,

    The move from Exchange 2000 org to Exchange 2003 org can be roll-backed (in case failure and lose everything) by AD 2000 and Exc2000 database backup files, and /disasterrecovery Exch installation. But everything is not smoothly as expected.

    Here how I make the restore:

    - restore AD backup file (of DC1, system has 2 DC 2000). Fix error.
    - promote a new domain-member server to DC2 (not restored from backup)
    - install Exchange 2000 and SP4 with /disasterrecovery

    The Problem is: all Exchange 2000 (/disasterrecovery installation) DS can only regconize DC1 (that is restore), they cant see DC2 (newly promoted) though DC2 is just fine.

    I ever think that Exchange 2000 servers DS can update any new fine DCs in the system, but the /disasterrecovery restore scenarios show that it's not alwayse true.

    Can anyone tell me why restored Exch servers cant update new DC except the restored one ? Is it normal or I have to fix something ? Will the restore of 2 DC solve this problem ?

    Another issue after Exchange disasterrecovery installation is that, though I disasterrecovery Service Pack too, and I can see that in ESM, but when I inplace-upgrade this Exchange 2000 server (sp) then I see the error reporting that this Exchange server need service pack 3 before I can upgrade it to Exchange 2003. So I have to re-install SP3 before upgrading. Can I fix this issue without re-installing SP on Exchange ?

    Thank you so much !

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    Re: Exchange DS not update new DCs after disasterrecovery ?

    1. Regarding the Exchange: Did you installed the Exchange SP in Disasterrecovery mode too? you have to do it this way.
    2. Check the connections to the new DC in the next location:
    ESM - Exch server - properties - Directory access.
    Check the next article:
    3. Can you browse and pick the new DC at:
    ESM - Recipient Update Services.
    4. Did you wait enough for replication to take place?
    5. Check the AD replication with Replmon form the support tools (Windows CD).
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    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
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      Re: Exchange DS not update new DCs after disasterrecovery ?

      Put exchange installation CD (it does not matter if it is 2003 or 2003+sp1 or etc)
      run setup /domain prep on the exchange server that is having problem
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        Re: Exchange DS not update new DCs after disasterrecovery ?

        I follow all of your guide, here the resule:

        - I install sp3 with /disasterrecovery of course, but the upgrade process does not see sp3
        - In Recipient Update Service , I can browse the 2 DCs, but restore Exch 2000 servers see only restored DC1
        - I have read the article and wait long enough for replication
        - I have used some tool for replication fixing/checking: like setting burgflag in register (D4, D2), Sysvol is replicated and shared but still missing (dont see folder Policies, Script in Sysvol/Sysvol/Domain-Name ...) and at first I thought that was the cause of problem (of course GPO issue still remains)
        - May be the permissions with restored Exchange is the cause, so after I ran DomainPrep (from E2003 cd) then restored Exchange 2000 servers can update newly promoted DCs, but I'm not sure

        OK, the DS update problem is now resolved, thank all of you very much