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Best practice for MS Exchange Network and Configuration.

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  • Best practice for MS Exchange Network and Configuration.


    Im currently looking to install Exchange and I was hoping some one could point me in the direction of Best Practices when setting up MS Exchange 2003 or 2007. Here are some examples of the things Im looking for.

    Network diagram. (where to put everything)
    Should I use some type of mail appliance like Symantec Bright mail?
    Run everything on one box or put SMTP gateway on another box in front of the Exchange box.
    DNS (host it or keep it out side?)
    Things you need to know (default settings you want to change)

    Thank you,


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    Re: Best practice for MS Exchange Network and Configuration.

    1. Read the next atricle:
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      Re: Best practise for MS Exchange Network and Configuration.

      So where do I send my fee?

      Most of the design documentation is on Microsoft's web site. However the use of third party tools in your deployment will often require the use of an experienced Exchange consultant.

      The questions you have asked all have the same answer - it depends.

      - use of an appliance - it depends
      - putting everything on the same machine - it depends.
      - dns - it depends.

      The depending factors include your budget, your technical requirements, the number of users you have.
      The solution for 30 architects is very different to a solution for 150 sales people.

      I deploy Exchange servers all the time - it is how I earn my living - but with the exception of small sites (less than 15 people) using SBS, no two sites are the same. I have to take in to account many factors before making a solution proposal to a client.

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