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Exchange 2003 global address list

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  • Exchange 2003 global address list

    hi everyone,

    We have a user that is displayed as bert.langen in the global address list.

    The policy in our firm is that the user is displayed as langen.bert so last name first then first name

    I saw the mistake was in the display name which was wrong and has now been altered.

    However it is not updated in the global address list.

    I have updated the recipient update service and have not tried the rebuild option because Iheard this might be a risky thing.

    Can anyone advise? Or is it just a matter of waiting

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    Re: Exchange 2003 global address list

    You have to use the "Rename" wizard in Active Directory Users and Computers to rename users properly. Right-click the user, select "Rename", and change the name round on EVERYTHING you see. Hopefully this will change the Exchange display name also. It will take about 20 minutes to replicate across the organisation.

    Also, ensure that you are not using an Offline Address Book to resolve the name.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 global address list

      The rebuild option on RUS isn't risky at all. The only risk is that users email addresses may change if you have changed them from the address set automatically by Exchange and not deselected the option that allows them to be updated automatically.

      If you preview the GAL live (using OWA or ESM) does the user show correctly then? If so then it is simply the lag between the cached mode address book being updated and the live information.

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        Re: Exchange 2003 global address list

        Thanks renaming did the trick. what I simply did was editing the user not use the rename feature.

        Adfter that I waited and downloaded the most recent address book in an outlook client. Then the name showed up in a correct way.

        thx again