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Deleting emails after a reinstall

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  • Deleting emails after a reinstall

    Hey `y'all

    I had to reinstall my exchange server 2K I used the DCPromo command to pull my old server out from the AD, I did *NOT* , unfortunately I did not know at the moment that I had to uninstall the exchange as well so I simply reformatted and reinstalled my server.

    I have a tech helping me in this case, but he is remote from here and I can`t really see what he does. He told me that there were traces of my old exchange in the LAN. He removed them using ADSI but there are still traces of the old mailboxes in the LAN.

    now my question :
    Is there a way to remove the traces of these mailboxes WITHOUT removing and recreating the accounts ?

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    ADSIEDIT is your friend, so is LDP and other LDAP tools. Questions is how many users are there and what exactly does "traces" mean?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      traces means ....

      seems there were still emails active within the LAN and I could not load any Outlooks with the old usernames.

      I have 5 active users (lucky me ) and I deleted one of them, but on the PC of that user, the desktop changed probably because my DC thinks it's a new user with new parameters.

      how do I use ADSI ?