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Event ID: 1022

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  • Event ID: 1022

    hallo everyone,

    I had 5 users in a multilingual domain.

    Because OWA was always showing me more than one language (on the same page!!!) I deleted all the users.

    Unfortunately I deleted the users on the domain controller and not the exchange server; thus mailbox was not deleted.

    On the Exchange server I created 5 new users with the same usernames as before, including mail boxes.

    When i try to use OWA to access the mailboxes of the users I get the error below in the web browser:

    HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

    In the Event Log on the Exchange Server i get the message below for every logon attempt:

    Event ID: 1022
    Type: Error
    Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox
    Logon Failure on database "[storage_group_name]\[mailbox_store_name]" - Windows
    NT account [domain_name]\[user_name]; mailbox
    Error: -2147221231
    For more information, click

    The Microsoft KB says i have to do nothing. Mailboxes have been moved an i need to wait a while. I have waited for 24h now.

    What can I do?
    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Event ID: 1022

    Just to add to the problem,

    if I create a new user (with a name not previously used) I am also not able to logon via OWA.
    I get the exact same error messages in browser an in Event viewer.

    However, a user that existed previously and who has not been deleted, still works fine, i.e. logon via OWA is not problem.


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      Re: Event ID: 1022

      When creating a new User, always logon to Windows before logging on to OWA (IIS) !!!!!!!


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        Re: Event ID: 1022

        Just to prove my theory right (or not) I deleted all users and their Mailboxes on the Exchange Server (ADUC).

        Created new users with Mailboxes.

        Logged on to Windows with these new users and tried to logon to OWA from workstation. However with the same error messages as initially encountered.

        After a few hours I felt lucky and tried the same logon procedure again: with success.

        So i created additional users with mailboxes. Logon to windows OK but logonto OWA gives the above error messages. The previously created users still work fine.

        Domain Controller and Exchange Server are not the same machine.

        Do I have to wait this long every time?
        Any suggestions?

        Kind regards


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          Re: Event ID: 1022

          The newly created accounts work fine, but only after waiting for two-three hours.

          Is it possible to speed up this process somehow?

          Maybe in AD Sites and Services or so? By forcing the replication?



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            Re: Event ID: 1022

            or by forcing RUS to run, in System Manager...
            its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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