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Exchange 2003 Cluster Server upgrade to SP2

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  • Exchange 2003 Cluster Server upgrade to SP2


    I have been running Exchange 2003 SP1 on a couple of clustered Windows 2003 SP1 (Enterprise) servers in active/passive mode and decided it was time to upgrade to Exchange 2003 SP2.

    I did all the pre-installation checks, installed the required hot fixes, made registry changes, backed up data, ghosted the servers etc and all looked fine for the upgrade.

    I couldn't find much on upgrading in a cluster environment on the WWW but when I spoke to someone from Microsoft they assured me all would be OK so I went ahead and upgraded the one node.

    The next step was to fail the active node accross to the upgraded node; the cluster group failed over OK as did the MSDTC and most of Exchange but when it came to the Exchange System Attendant there was a different story; it just failed back to the un-upgraded node. The event viewer shows Event ID 1003 and 1025.

    Now I am running on a single node cluster and need to fix it...

    I have at last found an article on upgrading Exchange clusters (KB 328839) which make everything sound easy .....

    take all Exchange Virtual Server 1 (non upgraded) resources off line except The IP address, The Physical Disk and The Network resourse then on the upgraded server start cluster services and move the Exchange server across to the upgraded server. The next step is to use the Cluster Administrator tool to upgrade the Exchange Virtual Server then bring the Exchange resources online on the upgraded server. Stop cluster services on non upgraded servre and upgrade it ...

    Now, this all sounds sensible and I only wish I had found the article before I had started the upgrade ONLY now (with a single node cluster) I am a bit worried...

    has anyone experienced these problems, will what is suggested in the article work, anything I should watch out for etc?

    Any advice greatfully received.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 Cluster Server upgrade to SP2

    An update in case anyone else has fears about doing this work .....

    The work went well, no problems, took less than 30 minutes in all, no problems with Exchange after the upgrade