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Single name to access multiple Exchange Back-End servers

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  • Single name to access multiple Exchange Back-End servers


    We have two Back End Exchange servers in an Exchange Organization, one each in two Routing groups; Routing groups are situated in physically segregated sites and connected through a VPN link. There is no Front End Exchange server in entire Exchange organization; means Exchange Front End and Back End topology is not implemented.

    Organization is using two different web sites or domain name for OWA, OMA and RPC proxy.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    When users want to access his mailbox using OWA he has to know the name of Exchange server where his mailbox is stored.

    Is there any way that every users hit a single web site i.e. [email protected] to access there mail boxes. I again want to clarify that mail boxes are stored in two different Back End Exchange servers and there is no Front End Exchange in the organization.

    Waiting for any solution...

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    Re: Single name to access multiple Exchange Back-End servers

    You need a frontend server.
    I tell my clients that as soon as they introduce a second Exchange server a frontend server is almost mandatory.

    Otherwise Exchange attempts to redirect the user to the correct Exchange server using the server's real name - which may not be resolvable from outside.

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