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Exchange 2003 DST update

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  • Exchange 2003 DST update

    We have single server scenario.....on which we are running, windows 2003 standard SP1, Exchange 2003 SP2, OWA......We are not hosting any website.....I was trying to run DST update for exchange 2003 SP2 (KB926666) and gave me a message saying ;

    "The following programs are using files that the Installer has to update. (which is PID:3892 w3wp.exe)
    If you close these programs and click Retry the installer may not have to restart your computer.
    If you leave the program running and click Continue, the installer might have to restart computer when installatins is complete."

    What is w3wp.exe process ?......I see only one w3wp process running......Do i need to close this program or CONTINUE with the installation process ?If i need to close, then how should I stop this process and then restart when the installation is finished ?

    Please help ...........

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    Re: Exchange 2003 DST update

    I just ran into this last weekend when I updated my Exchange 2003 cluster. I couldn't find this process running in Task Manager? If you see it in Task Manager I suppose you could kill it. I didn't. I just let it run and was prompted to reboot which I did. Everything was fine.
    It's nothing to worry about.