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Two Offices, Routing Groups, STS VPN, Single AD Domain

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  • Two Offices, Routing Groups, STS VPN, Single AD Domain

    Looking for some help from the experts.

    New setup. Company has office in Texas and office in China. We purchased two servers, one for each office. I did the entire original configuration with them both connected to my LAN in Texas. I installed 2003 standard r2 on both. Created a single AD domain (company.local). Texas is primary. Installed exchange 2003 standard on both. Again, Texas as primary. I have one admin group with both servers in it. One routing group. Conducted minor testing to see if they communicated fine and all and everything seemed fine. Shipped the China server to office over there.

    Have dedicated T1 for data here in Texas. Have DSL in China. Set up a site-to-site VPN using PIX501ís. The two offices communicate, AD replicates back and forth, etc. Mind you it is slow. Worked with Cisco to fine tune the PIX a little and ended up changing the MSS to 1000. Connection stays up, works, just not fast. Looking into better connectivity options in China to improve this.

    We have been and are still popping email. We are ready to begin hosting our own in exchange. Iím doing the final configurations and testing now, but have run into a wall. Iím still learning.

    Today, I made the China a server a GC. I setup a second routing group for China. Setup up a routing group connector from Texas to China. Setup a second one for China to Houston. Setup a SMTP connector for internet email out of China. Internet email seems to work fine. Sending mail between servers, between domain users is not working for some reason. I see that there is mail in the Routing Group Connector in the Queue but it is not moving along.

    I know the connection is up and I can transverse the site to site via rdp to the other server and access shares across it, etc.

    What am I missing? Can anyone give me a few things to look at? Am I still needing to configure something else? All help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Two Offices, Routing Groups, STS VPN, Single AD Domain

    Turned off the Cisco Fixup for SMTP on both ends and it works now...


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      Re: Two Offices, Routing Groups, STS VPN, Single AD Domain

      Cheers for posting back with the solution!

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