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Exchange 2003 Migration

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  • Exchange 2003 Migration


    Now ive setup my 2nd exchange machine im planning to shutdown the first exchange machine. So what i have to do is move all the Mailboxes , And public folders to the 2nd mailserver.

    -Moveing mailboxes to the 2nd server works
    -OWA Works
    -Now i dont know how to sync all public folders at once to the 2nd mailserver when i select a PublicFolder i can tell it to sync to the 2nd exch but there are too many folders it will take hours.

    Can someone tell me howto do this.

    After the replication of the Public Folders to the 2nd server i move all the mailboxes to the 2nd server. whats next to do before i shutdown the 1st exch machine?

    First Mailserver : Exchange 2003 standard SP2 / Domain Controller
    Second Mailserver : Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP2

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Migration

    This is the guide for how to remove the first Exchange servers installed.

    As you are using Exchange 2003 you can use the propagate wizard to populate the replication settings on sub folders in Public Folders. Then when the data has moved across, use the wizard to remove the replica.

    Do not rely on the sync status - you need to use the item count to see if everything is in sync.

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