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Importing Exchange 2003 database from previous server

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  • Importing Exchange 2003 database from previous server

    Hi everyone,
    I'm quite a newbie when it comes to Exchange server 2003 and thought it would be usefull to register on this website to ask for some advice so here goes.

    A few days ago my company had a working Exchange server 2003 with everyones mailboxes etc correct, but yesterday the server broke and the motherboard, cpu and psu had to be replaced. After replacing these items we tried to repair Windows server 2003 but without luck. So we installed a fresh copy of Windows server 2003 for small business including Exchange 2003.

    Now this is where the problem has started. We still have access to the old hard-drive and managed to copy the mdbdata folder to an external hard-drive. But I cannot seem to implement the database to the new server hence no one can gain access to their mail box.

    I have tried copying the folder to the exchsrvr folder, but no luck. I have looked on the internet for the best part of the day but still no luck.

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can transfer the database files to the new server and get it working. I have been told this is not possible but I have no way of getting the old server working and need to get this server up ASAP.

    Thanks in advance. Hope this makes sense as I don't have much knowledge on Exchange server 2003 as I did not set it up before.

    Jon Bennett

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    Re: Importing Exchange 2003 database from previous server

    Buy a copy of Ontrack Power Controls -- that will retrieve mailboxes from the old dB

    Tom Jones
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    Ossian Ltd

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      Re: Importing Exchange 2003 database from previous server

      Hi, I presume with Ontrack Power Controls that you mentioned I can retrieve mailboxes from the previous database I have copied to the removable hard-drive. Or will I have to install this on the old server and retrieve the db this way?. Thanks

      Jon Bennett
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        Re: Importing Exchange 2003 database from previous server

        I seem to be having issues still, from a client computer it states that exchange is disconnected in Outlook 2003, anyone have any ideas?