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OWA Forms-based Logon page

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  • OWA Forms-based Logon page

    So i was reading a few articles on how to customize the OWA logon page and i had a few questions...

    in most the articles, they talked about changing colors and fonts/text for the logon.asp and the owalogon.ap pages.

    i was wondering, is there anything wrong with replacing the logo and such out of the exchange/exchangweb/bin/img folder as opposed to messing with the code?

    i want to make as little impact as possible, and to me it seems less troublesome to just make custom logos in the same size and the same name, and replace them.

    also, will i have to restart anything to notice the changes? to me, it looks like java script or active x is calling the pictures as requested, so it should be noticed immedantly, right?

    thanks guys,
    James Haynes
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    Re: OWA Forms-based Logon page

    I have only edited text and domain info on these pages but I don't see any reason why not. A lot of companies make these sort of changes so they can incorporate their own company logo.

    The only thing you will probably have to do it clear your cache before you visit the web interface.

    Let us know how you get on


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      Re: OWA Forms-based Logon page

      It is very simple, with no impact on any other components like ActiveX or Java scripts.
      1. Edit the next file using notepad in your OWA server:
      C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\bin\auth\usa\logon.asp

      2. Search for the next text using CTRL+F:

      3. Create your own logo name file - gif is the most recommended and place it in the next location:
      C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\img

      4. Change the above text in the file to your logo file name (example: Polycom.gif).

      5. Open the OWA page, or refresh - no need to restart server / IIS / Exchange.

      * Very important:
      When installing Exchange SP or Hotfixes, it sometimes restores the logon.asp like it was when the Exchange first was installed!
      My recommendation is to backup this file
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        Re: OWA Forms-based Logon page

        yeah, it was actually pretty easy...

        i just copied the "img" folder down and edited the images with corel... saved the modified images to a new folder, then select all and paste in the img folder on the front end. "This folder already contains...would you like to replace?" and yes...

        the page reflects the changes immedantly, and without having to restart any services or making a change to any code. nice.

        this could be cool if the code handles transparent backgrounds and centering images appropriately. there would be a lot of work involved in changing a whole color theme via corel, but i think you could do it if you had the free time.
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        its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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          Re: OWA Forms-based Logon page

          One thing to keep in mind was that when Exchange SP2 was installed, it over wrote any customised changes to the FBA page. This may happen again when SP3 is released. Keep a backup of changed file so you can just copy the modified ones back over anything that gets replaced.

          Simon the Wise may have something better to add to my rambling.
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            Re: OWA Forms-based Logon page

            exactly. i have a folder with the modified pictures, and i folder with a text document that inclueds the line i replaced, so that next time i can do a simple "find and replace" in the event a SP changes the code... that way i can easily revert the changes or reapply them.

            thanks guys.
            its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
            Give karma where karma is due...