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Info store failed in AD-Exch upgrade ???

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  • Info store failed in AD-Exch upgrade ???

    After I introduce the 1st DC 2003 into existing Domain 2000 (exchange 2000), make it GC, transfer 5 FSMO role from the 1st DC 2000 to the new 1st DC 2003, Exchange servers dont update the situation and Information Store fail to start when the old 1st DC 2000 (from here 5 FSMO role is transfered to new DC 2003) is shutdown.

    In short, Info Store can only work (so the mailing operation) when the 1st DC 2000 (GC, but not hold 5 FSMO role any more) is connected OK.

    We know the most difficult time (therefore, the risk) is when removing the 1st DC 2000 out of system. Sometimes Exchange update easily (new DC, GC, Configuration server), sometimes they dont (though Recipient Update services is updated to point to the new 5 FSMO role DC 2003).

    It mean that, if we have 2 DC 2000 (DC1 - 5 fsmo, and DC2), we can easily choose to demote it after introducing new DC 2003, but we may have to consider whether to demote/remove the DC1 (5 fsmo) before freshly building another DC 2003, or just in-place upgrade the DC1 (5 fsmo) to version 2003 to eliminate the risk.

    Hope someone can share and help. thanks in advance

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    Re: Info store failed in AD-Exch upgrade ???

    When you upgrade / change / remove DCs, check the next issues regarding to Exchange:
    1. Verify that the right / working DC is configured in the RUS:
    ESM - Recipients - Recipient update Service: see if the DC 2003 is configured in the "Windows Domain Controller" window (I recommend even choosing "Browse" in order to verify it).

    2. Verify that the right / working DCs are configured in the DSaccess:
    ESM - Servers - Exchange server - properties - Directory Access: verify that the "Automatically discover servers" is marked, if it doesn't marked, verify that the right DC is chosen.
    CNE 5, CCA, MCSE NT4.0-2003, MCSE 2003 messaging, Exchange Server MVP.
    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
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