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    Situation - I am in a main office and we have 12 remote offices. The remote offices use our exchange 2003 server with outlook 2003 setup with POP/SMTP. The head person in each office has asked for a shared office calendar be setup for their office. The offices are connected to the Internet by DSL but are not on a VPN to the main office. What is the best way to setup these 12 remote offices so each office has their own shared calendar? My thought is to take them off POP/SMTP and setup RPC over HTTP. Will that work? Is this how most folks take care of this type of situtaiton? Also, if this is the best solution can you point me to good documentation for setting this up on both Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003? By the way - does the RPC/HTTP require SSL?


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    Re: Remote Office Shared Calendar

    RPC over HTTPS does require SSL. There are various unsupported hacks to get it to work without SSL, but you will not find much support for them. An SSL certificate isn't much hassle - you can get them from US$20 a year if you look around. (Try

    RPC over HTTPS will give the remote users full access to the Exchange features, so that could be additional mailboxes or a public folder.

    Daniel has documentation on setting up RPC over HTTPS elsewhere on this site, I have my own version here:

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