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Exchange 5.5 IMAP4 connection drops

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  • Exchange 5.5 IMAP4 connection drops

    I have an Exchange 5.5 server (on NT4). It works fine for all the outlook clients in the office, but when VPN'd in IMAP mail access does not work correctly.

    When you connect initially it works for a short time, then asks for username and password again.

    I have turned on minimal logging for IMAP and these are the events that come up in the log (copied and pasted so spelling errors are not my fault )

    8:17:52 IMAP4 connection accepted form
    8:17:52 An IMAP4 client successfully logged on to the mailbox md.
    8:17:55 IMAP4 connection to lost.

    these three events are repeated over and over.

    also, when trying another time another two events came up
    Logon attempt by DOMAIN\md from to md has failed: EcCreateOtherSess() call failed with error Insufficient number of client access licenses.

    No license was available for user DOMAIN\md using product MSExchangeIS .0.

    When it was having licencing issues it would work for 30 seconds for so before dropping, but the other time it was just dropping (as you can see from time stamps).

    anyone got any clues for this?