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Need help setting up mail routing/smtp connectors

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  • Need help setting up mail routing/smtp connectors

    Iíve started a new job and am doing a ton of Exchange 2003 Admin stuff. All is going well but theyíve got a small project and Iím not sure where to begin. We have Exc 2003 Ent with about 120 users (call it [email protected]). Thereís a separate division of the company (call it [email protected]) and get email from a Linux server running Exim. The have mail accounts on this Linux server and use POP or IMAP to get their mail. They also log onto the AD domain and are on our LAN.

    We currently have 3 smtp smart hosts for outbound mail. We want to move their email accounts to Exc 2003 but they still need to be able to send and receive email at the email address. I know this can be done and Iíve been researching it with SMTP connectors etc. but am a bit lost. Can anyone give me some advice on what needs to be done or where to begin??

    Thanks for any info-

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    Re: Need help setting up mail routing/smtp connectors

    SMTP Connectors have nothing to do with sending email as another domain. SMTP Connectors just route email as required.

    What you will have to do is add the domain to recipient policy. Then either configure a filter on the policy so that the correct users get the address set as their default address, or you will need to set the default email address manually.

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      Re: Need help setting up mail routing/smtp connectors

      I setup a recipient policy but am still having problems. I also just discovered that the users in question all have 2 AD accounts and therefore 2 mailboxes. One for and 1 for What I did then was create a contact for their SMTP address. I think this makes sense because now they'll be in our GAL 2 twice, one for each address.
      Come to think of it, isn't this just a better and easier setup? Since their email is hosted on the Linux server which works fine (except sending from out Exc 2003 server)?? I deleted the 2nd address because when I emailed them via contact I got the error

      " A configuration error in the e-mail system caused the message to bounce between two servers or to be forwarded between two recipients. Contact your administrator."

      From what I've researched, this happens when there are 2 mailboxes on 2 Exc servers. I'm am still waiting for the mailbox to disappear in System Manager and then hopefully the email will work.

      Any thoughts? Thanks for any info.


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        Re: Need help setting up mail routing/smtp connectors

        I figured this out. The recipient policy naming was the problem. I removed the domain name from my default recipient policy and it worked immediately.

        See -