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  • imf version problem

    I have had exchange sp2 installed and imf has been activated. I am having a lot of trouble getting it to work(have read all activation/settings notes and from previous posts and have had no luck). Everything has been set up correctly. I have tried to re-install exchange sp2 but it now states that the older version of imf is installed and to remove before updating. How did sp2 instal the first time.(I was unaware that it existed the first time) Their is nothing in the add/remove programs. How can I see the old version if it exists or is their software that can detect which version(s) are installed. All indicators point to the new version.
    (Now I am confused)

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    Re: imf version problem

    Try the link:
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      Re: imf version problem

      I have read this but it doesnt seem to apply. I only have a mscfv2 folder and not v1. I also have the latest update of 6.5.7897.0. SHould content filter version be as option 1.

      Something is inhibiting imf from working correctly. I have trendmicro virus wall which flows all accepted emails through to port 2525 which is picked up by exchange. Approx 60 or more spam emails are being distributed to staff. The only spam going into the archive folder are those that arent actual email address in our organisation..Same domain name just different name which would be because I have recipient filtering on with filter recipients not in directory ticked.

      Cant get any performance objects either. All else is activated as far as I have read and seen. Could something in registry be at fault.
      Here are my registry settings,


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        Re: imf version problem

        If you have recipient filtering turned on then you shouldn't see the messages in the UCEARCHIVE. Recipient filtering doesn't allow the messages to be delivered.
        However, if the messages are already being accepted by another application on port 25 then the benefit of recipient filtering is close to nil. The main reason for that is to stop the messages even being delivered so that your bandwidth is not used.

        I am not a great lover of applications that make you change ports and settings of the Exchange server to work with them. They should be installed on a separate box. Does that Trend product do recipient filtering? If not then its usefulness is limited. The application that first receives the email message in to the site should be able to do recipient filtering at a minimum, before any tests are carried out. That will deal with a lot of garbage. If the messages are being delivered to the server before scanning takes place, then the spammer has done their job.

        My instinct is always to look at third party applications as the cause of problems.
        Considering that recipient filtering isn't working correctly (that is presuming that you have set it correctly - with it enabled on the SMTP virtual server) I would suspect that something may be wrong with the SMTP virtual server or IIS.

        Your registry settings are identical to mine.

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