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  • Lost E-Mails

    We have an Exchange 5.5 server and I encountered a strange problem yesterday that I was hoping somebody may be able to help me solve.

    All of the e-mails that one user sent on Thursday are missing from their sent-items folder. They were working offline and were having problems syncing their e-mail (it kept on re-downloading the same set of e-mails and then syncing up to the server that it should be there multiple times).

    The OST file had bloated to 1.8GB when it should have been closer to 750MB. I firstly archived some old mail, and then I deleted their old OST file and recreated a new one by syncing with the server. Only the e-mails sent on Thrusday are all lost. I would have thought well it never synced them up with the server and they will want to kill me but that is life. However the e-mails were actually sent, they sent to me and another person an e-mail (within the company) and we got the e-mails and still have them sitting in our inbox to boot!

    What went wrong and is there a way to get these e-mails back? Thanks.

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    Re: Lost E-Mails

    The recovering lost e-mails and outlook express dbx recovery has prompted you a path of the Outlook Express files' storage. And now save the damaged dbx files in the safe folder, they can be useful.