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Using several SMTP Address to send mail

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  • Using several SMTP Address to send mail

    I've read to enable exchange to use 2 smtp domains.

    I receive the mail just fine.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    works fine.

    When I try to send the mail from the 2nd domain (I've enable the from field in outlook) - I get an error (I'm on exchange 2007, using outlook 2003):

    "You do not have premission to send the message on behlaf of the specified user"

    How can I choose from which address I'm sending the mail ?



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    Re: Using several SMTP Address to send mail

    Did you add both domains in the next location:
    Organization Configuration - HUB Transport: Accepted domains & email address policy tabs?
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      Re: Using several SMTP Address to send mail


      We are having the same issue. Users basically want to be able to send from one of their existing smtp aliased. So far, the ONLY app we've found is from Ivasoft but we would prefer to NOT have to make changes to our Exchange environment and install add-ons and such especially in a clustered environment.

      That said, there is a way to do this if you don't mind allowing users to relay. You can set up a "fake" POP3 account in the user's profile. They will NEVER receive email with this account but it will allow them to send from whatever smtp address you want. The process puts a nice little "account" button in their new message window and they simply select the account they will be sending from. Of course, you need your mail admins to allow relaying on the smtp virtual server in Exchange (takes 2 seconds and no reboots or stopping of services needed) as well as configure your firewalls and any messaging gateways appropriately to allow users to do this OUTSIDE of your Internal network. Actually, if you use Outlook over RPC as we do the internal steps may be all you need. If you only use OWA I am not sure about this.

      To be honest, we are not crazy about allowing any users to relay even if this is somewhat secure. We just don't like relying on users to be responsible when it comes to ensuring secure emails and such.

      The article was written by Randy Franklin Smith at Windows Security pro newsletter. I would send out the article but it is by subscription only and I do not want to violate any licensing or permission issues. I'm sure if you write him he might assist. Here's a URL that might help point you to it...

      Like I said, I do NOT like the idea of opening any type of relay up to this was not an option. Maybe it will help you.

      Perhaps the next iteration of Exchange...we may get there in 2 years or so



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        Re: Using several SMTP Address to send mail

        Yes configured them both...
        I'm trying to set the FROM address in the FROM edit in the outlook, maybe this is the problem ?

        I still get the permission error...

        I've tried to configure the relay option.
        It works but.... how can I make it pass only "authenticated" connections ?
        right now I can pass through any address as the source address, and I want to limit it only to our domain names (which are written in the recipients policies), and make sure the client is authenticated....

        (btw - if I force the client to authenticate, I'm back at step 1 - I do not have premissions to send as this sender....)

        It's too bad I can't read the article... I'm a registered user, but not a vip one...

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          Re: Using several SMTP Address to send mail

          The from field only allows you to select accounts, not email addresses.
          Therefore if both email addresses are on the same account then you cannot control which one the email message goes out as - it will always be the default address.

          If you want to control the email address then you will either need two accounts or the Choose From package already mentioned.

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