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Change config domain controller

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  • Change config domain controller

    Is it possible to change the configuration domain controller in exchange? I ask this because we are changing out an old domain controller for a new one, but before we switch over FSMO roles, we want to let the new one run as a DC for a little while. We noticed in AD on the primariy DC that there are four exchange properties listed for each user. These properties are not listed on any of the other domain controllers, including the new one. I suspect this is because the primary DC is listed as the config DC, and all others are either normal DC or GC. Is this correct? When we do take the old primary DC offline, is there a way to manually choose which DC is the configuration DC? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Change config domain controller

    It is much more simple then describe:
    In order to view the Exchange properties of objects in the AD - you need only to install the ESM:
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      Re: Change config domain controller

      Exchange hooks on to the first DC to respond.
      While you can change it to manual instead of automatic, it isn't something that I tend to recommend. What I usually suggest when removing a DC is that you switch it it manual, then remove the DC (using DCPROMO - don't just shut it down). Then restart the Exchange services and set it back to auto. It should then look for another DC and use that instead.

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