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moving dead exchange 2003 server toward 2007

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  • moving dead exchange 2003 server toward 2007

    Weird situation:

    1 dead exchange server 2003 (refuses to load)
    1 live exchange server 2007 (not so smart to install it... Probably one of the reasons the old dude will never turn up)

    AD data is fine with the new server, but all the mailboxes are "located" on the old server. the nice move mailbox feature will not work, b/c no exchange to get it from.

    Copied all the Exchanges files to a new location (old server had some bad blocks, but the file seems fine)

    Any idea what next ?

    will this article work ?

    is there any way to convert the exchange db files to pst (and then import to 2007) without setting him online ?


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    Re: moving dead exchange 2003 server toward 2007

    You really need to get the old Exchange server working.
    While it is possible to get the data out of the raw files, you will have to purchase third party tools. The only one I know of is OnTrack Power Controls. It isn't cheap.

    I would suggest concentrating on getting the old Exchange server to load. Try reinstalling Exchange on top, then reapplying the service pack. That will often fix things. I doubt whether installing Exchange 2007 will have killed the old server, they are designed to co-exist.

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      Re: moving dead exchange 2003 server toward 2007

      10x, might need to reinstall to do other staff (posting a new question now..)