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Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox

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  • Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox

    Hello all,

    first of all i just want to put down a litte disclaimer. I used the search feature but i didn't find anything related to the problem i have. if it has been posted elsewhere and i missed it, please accept my apologies and point me in the right direction.

    OK, so, on to the problem.

    The company i work for is running on Exchange 5.5 and Win2k3 Server. The problem we have right now is that we're trying to limit access to certain common mailboxes. However, even by giving specific rights in AD and 5.5 users that are supposed to have read/send only permissions are still able to delete from the mailbox. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    One last thing, love the forums. always help me out when in a bind.

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    Re: Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox

    You can use:

    Or Quest Messagestat tool to get a full report on the security settings.
    Also, please check the groups that each user belong do it - you may
    find that the users may have full control on the server etc.

    btw.. Its not the time to move to Exchange 2007?!
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox

      heh, that's what i said when i came on board but hey, i'm just a lowly employee and shiFt rolls downhill.

      i'll give this a try


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        Re: Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox


        i just had the mail guru here at the company say that this is not doable. i don't know if this is a hindrance of 5.5 or something in our setup.

        yuval thanks for your reply. i've conveyed the find to the mail guys.

        does anyone else have any other input on the subject?


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          Re: Exchange 5.5 & Common Mailbox

          This can be closed,

          i have found the solution before the mail gurus got back to me with the same solution as mine.

          remove user rights from exchange all together, then use the delegate option from within outlook to give user review rights to inbox folder. unfortunately this only allows you to delegate the inbox, not any subfolders that may exist in the mailbox.