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OWA 2003 + Outlook 2007

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  • OWA 2003 + Outlook 2007

    I use Outlook 2007 and OWA 2003 interchangeably depending on my location. From the moment I started using OWA I noticed a peculiar behavior of Outlook (it does this with 2003/2007).

    After logging into OWA, the next time that I enter Outlook's junk folder the reading pane is enabled. I never turn on the reading pane in the junk folder in either product, so it's very strange to me that it's enabled. OWA never shows the reading pane but it's always there in Outlook after viewing my mail via OWA. I've chalked it up as a weird happening but it's starting to annoy me.

    Any ideas? Anyone else noticed this?

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