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Mapi failure Exch 2003 / Win 2003 SP1

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  • Mapi failure Exch 2003 / Win 2003 SP1

    We have a mail server with hardware failure that was a suspected onboard NIC, (so the mobo was changed).

    We have a 3rd party software using mapi to pull/push corporate email to devices (like Blackberry). Now it doesn't want to work.

    I have seen before in various environments like some clusters (non Microsoft I hasten to add) where the server motherboard is replaced and therefore so is the NIC, thereby changing the NIC MAC address and the cluster node cannot reconnect at all, as it is not registered in the other nodes.

    Could it be that if a NIC (or mobo) is replaced that 3rd party software looks for a specific MAC address too? - thereby denying access to the mailserver NIC?

    I'm not keen on a complete re-installation of the push mail software & configuring 200+ users again (they don't have a migration / copy tool - manual only ), so if this is the case, anyone with any pointers?

    A registry hack would be ok ... I guess, but I can't see anywhere in the registry that points the push mail software to look for a specific MAC address. (The support for the software is pretty poor incidentally, so no help there! and they are not forthcoming with releasing technical details as to whether they do (or do not) use a Mac address lookup.

    Thanks in advance, this is driving us nuts.


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    Re: Mapi failure Exch 2003 / Win 2003 SP1

    Please enable logging on the Exchange 2003 and the 3 party product.

    This will give you some option on the problem.
    You can also try to use the Administrator user for sending emails and check if this help.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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