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Suggestion on reconfiguring Domain with exchange 2003.

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  • Suggestion on reconfiguring Domain with exchange 2003.

    Hi everyone

    Here is the deal

    Currently there are 3 sites(say A B & C) for our company. Each site has it's own Standalone forest/domain with it's local Exchange server. One of the site is on Windows 2000 and others on windows 2003.

    What we want to Achieve:

    1.Global email standardization lets say for all houses while keeping their old email addresses.

    2.Global AD domain of something like XYZ.COM with all houses joined to that domain.

    3.Global Exchange server setups with site "A" being the primary and all houses having remote site connectivity to "A". So other two Houses B & C will have their Exchange servers as well.

    Please suggest whats the best and easiest method to achieve the above.


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    Re: Suggestion on reconfiguring Domain with exchange 2003.

    As the servers are in separate forests, you will have to come up with some kind of strategy to merge the domains.

    Once you have merged the domains you can then spread everything back out again. There are various strategies that can work depending on many factors.

    Email addresses is easily dealt with by Exchange.

    Considering the depth of what is being asked, this forum is not the right place. You could probably benefit from a good consultant coming in, looking at your sites and devising a strategy. Depending on the number of users involved you may have to look at third party tools to ease the transition. The merging of domains is more than just Exchange.

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      Re: Suggestion on reconfiguring Domain with exchange 2003.

      thnx for reply I may check with Quest Migration tool