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  • Big exchange database

    Hello all,

    I have a network with 10 servers,2 Dc 2 Oracle server ,1 Sql ,1 Exchange, and few file servers, the are all 2003 server with the latest SP(The exchange with SP2)
    we have 16 Gb of exchange database, when the server had starting to scream that the database is to big i went to the regedit and increase the max database that can be.
    I hard that i can portion the exchange database to few little databases,
    Does some one know how can i do it?

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    Re: Big exchange database

    i had the same issue with exch2k3 standard edition regedited and now the db can handle 75gb.


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      Re: Big exchange database

      Yes but to do it from the registry,
      because tomorrow or when ever you will wont to do defrag or some thing you will not succeed because the database is to big,
      or when you will have disaster and recovery it will be very difficult because its to big.
      But Good luck any way


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        Re: Big exchange database

        You could also move mailboxes to a second db store.
        I have 3 stores... each about 30 gigs.


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          Re: Big exchange database

          How do i do it (create new store)?


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            Re: Big exchange database

            You can only create additional mailbox stores and storage groups if you have Enterprise Edition of Exchange. As you hit the 16gb limit, you do not have Enterprise edition.

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