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How to Find and Delete Old Exchange Mailboxes

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  • How to Find and Delete Old Exchange Mailboxes

    Running Exchange Server 2003 SP2 in a native W2k3 forest/domain. Need to identify and delete old Exchange mailboxes which haven't been used in over a year. This is an inherited legacy implementation in which mailbox limits have not been enforced and the mailbox store size is becoming a concern even though we have the Enterprise version and 75GB max store size.

    I'm using oldcmp to identify and delete the old user accounts for the Active Directory. How do I do the same for the Exchange mailboxes? I have been told that the mailboxes corresponding to the deleted old user accounts will eventually be deleted automatically after a certain length of time, but I wish to avoid the unwanted nag messages cluttering up event viewer during that time.

    Is there a way to do this? If not, what is the default period of time after which Exchange automatically deletes the mailboxes of the deleted AD user account and how can this default value be shortened?

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    Re: How to Find and Delete Old Exchange Mailboxes

    Just a quickie and a bit , are you sure you have Exchange Enterprise? Store limits are 8,000MB on Enterprise but they are 75GB on Exchange Standard with SP2 installed and the Registry modified.
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      Re: How to Find and Delete Old Exchange Mailboxes

      Exchange will only delete mailboxes once the account has been deleted. The time for deleting the mailboxes is something that you can set yourself.

      ESM, Servers, <your server>, <your storage group>. Right click on your mailbox store and choose Properties. Click on the tab Limits. The deletion settings are there just under the DIR time.
      I usually suggest enabling the option about not deleting mailboxes until they have been backed up... just in case.

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        Re: How to Find and Delete Old Exchange Mailboxes

        If you want to see which mailboxes haven't been used for over a year, go to esm and work your way to the mailbox store, select the mailbox of the store which shows all the users mailboxes and sort on last logged in. This will show you who hasn't logged in for a while, match this up with you AD old users.

        Hope this helps