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useing exchange with internet mail

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  • useing exchange with internet mail


    my question is :

    I use the email server from my ISP
    And now I installed exchange 2003 to our domain i want to keep using the mail server of the ISP
    How can I do forwarding from the exchange to internet mail

    My problem is that i have more brunches in the world
    And all of then use the same domain name for the email now not all the users have user in my active directory they have user in there brunch

    If I try do to forward it is looking for the name in my AD when he doesn’t found it he give me an error massage for that email..

    Any idea



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    Re: useing exchange with internet mail

    The way we have implemented a similar situation to yours is to establish aliases on the ISP and set up mx records for each branch using those aliases.

    For example you will a domain on the ISP of

    All of your users will have aliases of [email protected] but the isp will forward it to [email protected] or [email protected] - the branch1 and branch2 records will resolve to different MX records and so deliver to the correct location.

    We use an ISP called Globix to provide this service, but I'm sure there are others about

    --edit - I forgot to mention that you would also need to set these aliases as extra smtp mail addresses on your mailbox enabled users' details

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      Re: Using exchange with internet mail

      What you are talking about is sharing the smtp namespace. There are a number of options to do this, which are outlined in this KB article:

      However your best solution would be to have all email pulled down to the Exchange server, ideally via MX records pointing directly at Exchange and not through your ISPs mailbox. Then get all the remote sites to pull email from Exchange. This will not only allow you to offer everyone the featureset of Exchange, but also allow you to backup email from the server, rather than relying on the remote sites to do it.

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