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IMF Exception List Procedures?

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  • IMF Exception List Procedures?

    Hey guys
    I have looked all over. I cannot find how to configure Exceptions
    to the IMF filter. We have some emails that get rated and are legit emails that
    come from places/computers. I know how to config for the block list. Great!
    But you would think that MS$$ would make an Exception procedure to the IMF
    filter cause really it aint that smart! what you guys think?

    thanks so much for you help!

    And I have that IMF archive ready with SCL rating registry tweak on!
    and the SCL rating per these emails changes from like 5.5 to 6.5 and back and forth and the emails are canned/consistant email format? They are notification emails. We want to keep the SCL block rating like around 5 since it blocks
    thousands of emails and if we go any gosh does it let in a lot of emails that are SPAM..

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    Re: IMF Exception List Procedures?

    There is very little that you can do to configure IMF. Some people have come up with workarounds to deal with it blocking messages, but I have found them to be unreliable. If it is blocking legitimate email then you will need to replace it with something that you can configure white lists.

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      Re: IMF Exception List Procedures?

      There is quite an intrusive hack for whitelisting in IMF:
      Have a customer for which I actually implemented this, but I wouldn't recommend using it.
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