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Moving messages stuck in queue

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  • Moving messages stuck in queue

    Hi, I've got two back end exchange servers (one set to master), and 1 front-end one. All of them run Exc 2003 SP2 and all the updates. My question is that I have NSI Double Take installed (poor man's hot fail over tool) and at one point I restarted one server but forgot to turn off the ping monitor (protection/sync in double take). Anyways, when trying to fail-back from one of the back-end exchange servers, it left a bunch of messages stuck in the queue which I had to send an NDR and delete.

    Is there any way to move messages stuck in queue from the back-end to the front-end exchange server via ESM or some other method? I really hate to delete them and I didn't know how to re-initiate the items. All I saw was free,unfreeze options.

    I read the Petri article about the queue area; either I missed something or my particular problem isn't covered.

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    Re: Moving messages stuck in queue

    Stop the SMTP Server service. That should release the server lock on he files.
    Then take a copy of them somewhere else (just in case).
    Finally MOVE the message out of the queue in to the pickup folder.
    That will force Exchange to process the messages again. If they deliver correctly, delete the copies.

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