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Exchange 2000/2003 Restrict connections

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  • Exchange 2000/2003 Restrict connections

    Hello all,

    I am looking for confirmation on something, hopefully someone can help. I am using a offsite spam filtering solution and I need to restrict connections to my exchange server by IP address. My spam filtration provider recently sent me a list of IP address' to allow to access exchange but they gave me a range of about 4000 address' . My question is, since there isnt a box to add a range of address' in the allow conections pane, can I just calculate the subnet from the CIDR that was suplied to me and enter the IP and subnet into the allow field???? I have never had to enter address' in this manner before and I just would like some confirmation thanks guys.

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    Yes you should be able to do this. upon connect will look the same as which should allow connections from

    CIDR Blocks / Supernet Mask limit IPs in a similar fashion and the IPs are always contiguous.
    For example, represents and the following block of addresses:,, and

    Hope that helps.

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