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how to track mail messages

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  • how to track mail messages

    We have had a complaint that an email sent was never received. (we get them all the time) 99% of the time its the senders problem.

    However, this time i can see the email on our firewall logs, and also in the SMTP exchange log (Programfiles\Exchsrvr\logfiles\SMTPVC1\ex070123.l og.)

    From there, the email dissapears, it does not show up in the message tracking centre and i'm a bit perplexed where to look next.

    Is there some other place i need to look to follow the trail.


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    Re: how to track mail messages

    Is this message incoming or outgoing?
    The presence of a connection in the SMTP logs means there was a connection made. It does not prove the message was delivered.
    If the message does not appear in message tracking then as far as I am concerned that means the message was not delivered correctly.

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      Re: how to track mail messages

      Thanks Simon

      the message is incoming, can find it in the smtp logs but not in message tracking centre, I suppose this means the connection was made but for some reason not delivered,

      I'll ask the sending company to look in their smtp logs for a reason