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Exchange migration from SBS 2003

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  • Exchange migration from SBS 2003

    Hi folks -

    I've been inundated with the task of migrating from SBS 2003 to a standard Exchange 2003 Server (on a different box). I am planning on performing the following steps in order to complete the install. We want to move away from SBS and have std. Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 Servers.

    1. Upgrade SBS 2003 from R1 to R2
    2. Apply transition Pack to SBS 2003
    3. Install Exchange 2003 on a different Server
    4. Migrate mailboxes and public folders from SBS 2003 to the new Exchange Server

    I know steps mentioned above are very high level, but am I missing anything?

    Would anyone have any recommendations/suggestions on doing this migration?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Exchange migration from SBS 2003

    I don't know why the R2 installation is used for - but can't do any harm, rather then this - yes those are the basic steps.
    * If you your SBS is a DC too (I think that this is the status), then you should install another DC, move all the roles and then install the exchange:

    Good Luck
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      Re: Exchange migration from SBS 2003

      Migrating off SBS 2003 is no different to migrating off Exchange 2003 in the regular way, with the exception of the transition pack.
      So all the same warnings and procedures, such as getting public and system folders across first etc etc.

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