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Exchange 2003 SP2 & IE 7 Problem

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  • Exchange 2003 SP2 & IE 7 Problem

    Found this on:

    Computers running Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 may experience problems if they're upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7).

    Issues usually manifest in one of three ways:

    Whenever a user attempts to access contextual help from within Exchange System Manager (ESM), the application crashes with the following errors:
    app: contentfilter.dll; module hhctrl.ocx
    app: maildsmx.dll; module unknown
    app: exadmin.dll; module unknown

    Attempting to browse HTTP virtual directories via ESM causes the same error, and also generates a spurious "No application associated with this file type" error.

    Attempting to browse public folders through the Exchange System Manager generates another spurious error, which only happens once for each time ESM is run:
    Exchange System Manager:
    The operation completed successfully.
    Facility: Win32
    ID no: c0070000

    The module hhctrl.ocx is the ActiveX control that Microsoft uses to render HTML help. Without knowing much more about the innards of either Exchange 2003 or IE7, it sounds as though there's an incompatibility between Exchange Server at large and the way Internet Explorer 7 renders help.

    (I am not sure if the problem involving contentfilter.dll's interaction with hhctrl.ocx is purely contextual, -- i.e., many particular instances of the error occurred there -- or if it is the actual source of the problem.)

    All of the users who reported one or more of these problems noted that they had Internet Explorer 7 running on the Exchange server in question. Removing IE7 solved the issue. To that end, it might be best to postpone installing IE7 on any system running Exchange 2003 SP2 until Microsoft releases a hotfix for this specific issue.

    Interestingly enough, Microsoft does have an Exchange Server hotfix that deals with a problem with IE7 and Outlook Web Access. However, installing this hotfix doesn't seem to ameliorate Exchange Server 2003's problems with Internet Explorer 7.

    Does anybody know of a solution other than uninstalling IE7? I havn't found anything about this on Microsoft's Website


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    Re: Exchange 2003 SP2 & IE 7 Problem


    Welcome to the forums. I urge you to do a simple search BEFORE you post. A similar topic has been started and disscussed.

    MSX2003 SP2 and IE7: ESM Help causes app crash - forums by Daniel Petri:

    In any case, from what I am being told, a possible solution *might* be available pretty soon...

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Exchange 2003 SP2 & IE 7 Problem

      sorry, I thought I did, not good enough though.

      I will post a solution I received from another board in the original question.