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Deligates problem with exchange 2000

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  • Deligates problem with exchange 2000

    Hi there,

    I have run into a little problem - User A used to recieve all meeting requests for Users B,C & D. User A's job role has changed and they no longer should recieve meeting requests for Users B,C & D. I have ensured that all references to User A have been removed from Users B,C & D Deligates list in outlook.

    I have checked using the exchange plugins for Active Directory and nothing regarding User A appears under "Delivery Options"

    I found a technet article matching the problem:

    Does the "Schedule + EMS Interface" contain all deligation for the user or only stranded/lost deligation?

    Does it perhaps only contain delegation for Calendar / meeting requests?

    I allowed access to a colleage to my inbox then using the MDBVU32 utility deleted the Schedule + EMS Interface message in my inbox.

    It didnt stop my colleague from being able to access my inbox.

    Does anyone have any suggestions / answers to my questions?!

    Thankyou in advance