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Orphand folder removal

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  • Orphand folder removal

    I was wondering if someone can help or guide me on how to remove my
    last exchange 5.5. We have successfully moved all the mailboxes,
    connectors to the Exchange 2003. I didn't used pfmigrate tool since I didn't
    had any public folder in old exchange. Therefore I just opened each
    system folders and added the E2k3 server in the replication.
    After everything was in-sync, I removed the old Exchange 5 from the
    replication from each system folders in Public folders replication tab.
    After everything was running fine, I decided to remove Exchange 5.5
    from my site since there is nothing in there. After stopping the services and tried to delete it, I got an error that there is a folder in the public folder. After doing some investigation, i found there was some hidden folder in the public folder
    which was created back in 1998.

    Right now I cannot open the public folders in exchange 5.5 admin because I get an error: The attempt to log on to the MS Exchange Server computer has failed.

    MS Exchange Server Information Store
    ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000

    In E2k3, I cannot see this folder at all. After doing some search on Google, etc.
    I came across this article.

    Right now, there is still directoy replication and ADC connectors between E2k3 box and Exchange 5.5 I'd like to elminate this old exchange. Should i follow the article and run DS/IS consistency on public folders? I am not planning to join sites again, or anything. If I run the DS/IS consistency, will there be any harm to schedule free busy folder and offline address book folders? All the necessary system folders are already home in the exchange 2003 box.


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    Re: Orphand folder removal


    The Exchange server use system public folder and also the hidden folders etc.
    You may need to revert the settings by using backup or/and local tools like admin /a or/and rebuild the public folder. Its recommanded that you contact Microsoft PSS so you will get a offical
    solution to this problem.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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