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  • how to online Exchange

    i have MS Exchange setup in my LAN,it works well within my LAN,now i want to online my Exchange on internet,for this purpose ,i have a permanant IP , mean that i connect always on same IP to my ISP.what have to do next for it.
    2nd what is MX record.Is i need to configure MX record for it.mind it that i have ISA server as well for net sharing in my LAN.

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    You should do some homework and read the Exchange documentation. The answer to your question will be a long one, and since you do not know the product it will be hard for us to properly explain all the required steps.

    Howerver, just to point you out on the right track -


    -Config ISA to allow outgoing traffic from the server to the Internet (type of traffic depends on type of service you wish to provide - i.e. OWA, POP3 and so on).

    -Config ISA to allow incoming traffic to the EX server (see above note).

    -Config server publishing on the ISA.


    -Config MX record and A record for the EX server on ISP DNS.

    -Config Recipient Policies for the Internet domain you've bought.


    -Config OWA security (SSL if neccessary).


    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      i can send mail to ...

      thanks for replying!
      actually i can send email to hotmail/yahoo but i can not reply,because when i reply ,it does not reach to my LOcal LAN exchange server.
      now i have to ask to ISP to configure any MX record into ISP 's smart host?


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        have a look at this....

        and i have one question? does this become a server for business production
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