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Unable to delete entries from Outlook web calender

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  • Unable to delete entries from Outlook web calender

    We use Outlook Web access (2003) to hold information about when customers have called in. We could always delete a complete contact from the public folder.
    Now, we are presented with two errors that occur in no particular order, randomly;

    *507 Insufficient space to store resource*.

    *Some items cannot be deleted. They were either moved, already deleted, or access was denied*

    I have had a look on Daniel's site and this forum and referred to this article and this thread and noticed we have no recycle bin in the interface - not sure if this is of any relevance.

    I have done some *googling* too and found that Anti-Virus software can cause problems such as this. We have Symantec, which I have disabled (the domain is not in a live environment anymore) but it has made no difference.

    I have also done a disk clean up on the machine, which has made no difference.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Unable to delete entries from Outlook web calender

    1. Please check that the total of the Exchange database didnt pass the 75 GB.
    2. Please check the PF/User quota size.
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      Re: Unable to delete entries from Outlook web calender

      Disabling AV software is often not enough.
      If it is a mail enabled AV application then its hooks remain inside Exchange and it can continue to cause problems. You need to actually remove the AV and then reboot the machine to get it to be cleaned out.

      Can you delete the item using Outlook, not OWA?

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