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RPC over Https authentication prompt

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  • RPC over Https authentication prompt

    Per recommendations from this site I am using Basic Authentication over SSL. Unfortunately, my users will get prompted for their username and password every time a connection is made. How can I have the Outlook client automatically authenticate. Microsoft defaults to NTLM but I am not sure if any other way exists.

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    Re: RPC over Https authentication prompt

    IIRC, unless they are connected to the domain in some way (direct ethernet / wifi, or VPN), then there is no way to auto-authenticate, as it would defeat the purpose.

    basic authentication = username / password login once per session (session exists while outlook is open)

    NTLM = authenticates via computer's domain authentication

    please correct me if I'm wrong...
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      Re: RPC over Https authentication prompt

      The important question is whether the machines accessing the server are members of the same domain or forest as the Exchange server.

      If not - then you will always get the authentication prompt as the server requires authentication to allow access. That authentication needs to take place against the domain that the Exchange server is located in.

      If the workstation is in the same domain/forest then you have a problem, as RPC over HTTPS should be totally transparent to the users.

      On my deployments I have the /rpc virtual directory in IIS Manager set to integrated and basic authentication, then Outlook is set to NTLM authentication. I find that causes me the least problems.

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        Re: RPC over Https authentication prompt

        I second that, and although most RPC over HTTP guides specify BASIC on the OL client, I use NTLM.

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