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Exchange 2003 Native mode and 5.5 connector

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  • Exchange 2003 Native mode and 5.5 connector

    I am currently running Exchange 2003 in Mixed Mode but want to switched to Native. I have a connector set to a Exchange 5.5 machine. If i switch to Native mode the 5.5 connector still work?

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Native mode and 5.5 connector

    The rule is very simple:
    You need the ADC in order to replicate the AD with the Exchange 5.5 Directory.
    If you don't have ANY !!!!!! Exchange 5.5 servers in your Exchange ORG = then you do not need the ADC (Active Directory Connector).

    just to be on the safe side (if you do not have ANY !!!!!! Exchange 5.5 servers), you should stopt the ADC service, wait a week and then - after you did some tests, rebooted the AD servers and the Exchange servers and saw that everything is OK = you can uninstall the ADC and switch to Exchaneg Native mode.

    * Remember:

    The switching to Exchange native mode is Irreversible!!!!!!
    (well - you can do it using ADSIEdit - but too much work)
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      Re: Exchange 2003 Native mode and 5.5 connector

      If you have an Exchange 5.5 server then you cannot switch to native mode. You need to remove your Exchange 5.5 server before you can make the switch.

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