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meeting appointments in Exchange 2000

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  • meeting appointments in Exchange 2000

    Hi kind people. I wonder, if someone can help me.
    We've got a strange problem on our exchange server. One of the users are getting lots of duplicates, when someone sends him meeting requests. When it is a normal e-mail - works fine - a single message in the Inbox. but as soon as someone sends meeting req, this starts flooding user's mailbox with the same requests.
    I'm not that familiar with Exchange and can't figure out, why normal mail comes once, but meetings - literally hundred times? Noone's mail is affected the same way and user's pc has been checked for viruses and else.
    We do use forwarding to this mailbox from different server and I can take a wild guess, that something in the forwarding has been set up incorrectly, but forwarding works for normal messages though. Do they use different routes?
    And how I can troubleshoot metting requests errors on exchange2000?

    many thanks in advance.
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