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Exchange Front End NLB Problems

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  • Exchange Front End NLB Problems

    Hey guys,
    Not sure if anyone can help but, heres the deal.

    We have 2 Exhcnage cluster behind 2 Front End servers in an NLB cluster. The cluster then hands the mail off to a smarthost
    Whenever we stop the smtp connector on the first front end server the second one should pick up and start fowarding our mail to the smarthost. Well it doesnt. Its ques grows quickly then sais it detected a loop. Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange Front End NLB Problems

    Why use the FE as email forwarders? why don't you send the emails directly from the BE or use the ISP as smarthost?
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      Re: Exchange Front End NLB Problems

      Sending messages out through frontend servers is something I frequently do.

      Unfortunately there is no failover capability in the SMTP Connectors. When Exchange uses SMTP Connectors it find the first connector that matches what it is looking for. If something means that the connector doesn't work, then the email will simply queue.

      The best thing you can do is have a single connector and have both frontends listed as bridgeheads.

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