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Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy

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  • Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy


    in near future i think 03/2007 i will be purchasing exchange2007
    i need some help to find a solution for best backup... (be on the safe side )

    at the moment i am testing with exchange2003 and server2003 R2

    i have installed srv2003 R2 and exchange2003 and configured it and testet it... works great

    backup test's with acronis 9.1 ENT

    i have done a full hot backup with acronis and restored it... and tested the exchange still working one of my question's is: with this backup do i have single mailbox restore? does some one work here with acronis?

    some one i know told me about making backups with exmerge... scripts...
    sounds to me like allot of work and not easy to restore... and monitor

    i am searching for a good solution to backup the server...
    with options for a full restore (including OS) in case of disaster
    and single mailbox restore... in case my boss is deleting things...

    if you need more information about something please ask

    thank's for any help

    Yaniv F
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    Re: Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy

    Yaniv F,

    I setup Symantec VERITAS Backup EXEC 10d for our Exchange Server. It does full OS Backup and Full Exchange Backups. I have never tested the restore capability of an entire server with exchange but have recovered numerous user folders and single emails with it.

    I am currently testing VERITAS 11d which is pretty much the same as 10d. However, with 11d they added support for Continuous backup of Exchange with the capability of users restoring their own deleted files. Not sure if I will test the Continuous part though because my test server isnít the greatest.

    I have Continuous 10d running on our file servers and it does a really good job of it. It allows you to setup your nightly backup to run against the Continuous Data so the server never gets hit hard with backup jobs. It also allows users to recover their own files right through a Web Browser. The only drawback with Continuous is it can be resource intense on the backup server. I have 2GB in ours and itís at a constant 1.2GB or more 24/7.

    I have no clue how well it works with Exchange 2007 either.

    I downloaded the 11d 60day eval from:

    Hope this helps in the desicion proccess.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy


      thank you for the answer

      i will check VERITAS Backup EXEC i hope they are not too expensive

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        Re: Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy

        With regards to Backup Exec, if you want to install it on the same machine as the Exchange server, then you will need 11d. The previous versions will not install on Windows 2003 64 bit.

        While you can use a product like Acronis, that is not a substitute for Exchange backups and does not flush the transaction logs. There are new features with Exchange 2007 that make backing up data even more straight forward.

        If you decide not to use Backup Exec then you will need to backup the server using ntbackup, possibly to a file, then pick up that backup with something else.

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          Re: Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy

          i had a little presure at work today and was forced to decide in 5 minutes backup software to purchase.

          so i decided backupexec 11d with exchange agent

          and the faststore2 changer x8 lto 3

          i hate to make decisions without making good research and testing it...

          but from your posts it sounds that its worth it and i can sleep better at night

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            Re: Question: exchange2003-2007 which backup software to buy

            I'm personally strongly recommend CA Arcserve Backup. I'm using this product from Y2001, and don't have any problems with it. I'm try to use Veritas (now Symantec) backupexec, including latest release, and always have problems, for example - incompatibility with HP autoloader. But other people don't have problems at all

            In practical day by day and weekly backups, Arcserve processes more than 3 terabytes of files and databases in my complex environment, and includes many backup agents.

            Agent for Exchange 2007 planned to release in Q1 this year.

            Backupexec and Arcserve both are very similar products, and to choose which is best for you, you may try evaluation versions - CA Arcserve available at as full 800mb distributive and works one month in full power, and you need only activate software itself and agents when you buy licenses - no need to reinstall software at all.