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OWA question please.

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  • OWA question please.


    I am trying to connect to OWA. We have setup everything correctly, (so i assume) when we try to connect inside the network we are connected fine, but from outside the network we are getting a message that we need to install SSL certificate, once we approve this dialog, we get 404 error. here is the link, if anyone can help i will appreciate.

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    Re: OWA question please.

    Do you have port 443 forwarded to your Exchange server?
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      Re: OWA question please.

      1. Are you using FE + BE configuration? If so - check the ports that should be open between the FE and the BE:
      2. Check the next MS KBs:
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        Re: OWA question please.

        how can i check if i have this 443 port forwarded to my exchange server?

        also, some users can access their outlook from their mobile phone.. does it mean it should be working via the web too?

        do you get the message to install the certificate ?



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          Re: OWA question please.

          Do you not have access to your router to check this?
          From a command prompt and type:

          telnet {exchangeservername} 443

          and see if you get a black window with the cursor flashing in the the top left. If you don't, you need to forward that port.

          Then try:

          telnet {exchangeservername} 80

          and if you get a blackscreen with a flashing cursor then your mobile users are using port 80 which is not very secure.

          Are you using Small Business Server 2003 or Server and Outlook 2003? SBS 2003 makes a certificate for you which you can install to a phone and a computer using OWA. If you have a front end Exchange, you will have to install Microsoft Certificate Services and configure yourself a certificate (or buy one).
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            Re: OWA question please.

            Hi Rob,

            i get this crusor in both 80 port and 443.

            check this out

            telnet 443 and then 80

            it seems that the porting is fine no?


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              Re: OWA question please.

              Is your Exchange server at the same address as

              Incidently, in my enthusiasm I was wrong last time. If you telnet to the Exchange server inside the LAN, that tells us it's listening but has nothing to do with the port being forwarded.

              I tried it from my end and IIS answered on 443. Can you explain your setup? FE BE? SBS?

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