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SMTP to X.400

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  • SMTP to X.400

    Hello all,

    In my firm we use Exchange 5.5 and SMTP is disabled.
    We want to use an application that can send notifications and reports via e-mail using the SMTP Protocol. I searched the internet for a long time trying to figure out a way to catch the e-mails sent from the application and forward them using MAPI, CDO or Outlook.Application objects, but failed to find a solution.

    Until now I have managed to send custom-made HTML messages with attachments using Outlook.Application, as long as I have a profile defined on my user. Now the only thing I can't seem to do is to intercept the mail trying to be sent via SMTP. Is there a way to intercept the mail sent by SMTP and save it as files in a certain directory, so that I would be able to take those files and forward them through our Exchange using my defined Outlook profile?

    Any help/ideas would be highly appriciated.

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    Re: SMTP to X.400

    Could you use an external SMTP server? I have configured BLAT to send backup notifications for customers that did not have their own SMTP server so we used an external one.
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      Re: SMTP to X.400

      Thanks for the reply Rob, but we cannot use an external SMTP server as our firm is connected in a private LAN. We use Active Directory and Exchange 5.5 to deliver mails.

      In general - I'm trying to find out how can I forward mails that are being sent from an application (a black box) via SMTP to our e-mail clients, when SMTP is disabled on the exchange server.
      I can send custom e-mails to whoever I want using code, the only thing i can't do is to catch the mails...

      If, lets say, I install IIS's SMTP server on the application's server, could that be of any help? it must be saving mails in a database/files that i can use somehow...

      any ideas?



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        Re: SMTP to X.400

        Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? Why not just enable SMTP on the Exchange server?

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          Re: SMTP to X.400

          Not my call, and nothing I can do about it... (I do not have an administrative account on the exchange servers and the people that do refuse to enable it).
          Just trying to find a solution to a given situation...

          any ideas?