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  • Exchange or Outlook problem

    Hi everyone.

    I have the following issue with Outlook 2003 and Exchange (SBS) 2003 server.

    A customer is using Outlook to read (send/receive) mail via POP/IMAP accounts and they are using Exchange only for calendar operations (do not ask why).

    Outlook is configured with two accounts, one pop account and one Exchange account in the same profile. The pop account is set to be the primary account and to my understanding it should take care of all mail trafic configured this way.

    But. There are times when sending mail (doesnt matter is it an "in house" address or foreign) it, instead of going out via the pop account, goes to Exchange server and stucks in the queue. Stucks in the queue cos its not intended for the mail to ever go in the Exchange server, and there are no connectors etc configured.

    The thing i would like to know, is why? When i create new mail, i make sure the pop account is selected as the account to be used, and 90% it works corretly. Then there are these times, it does not. What is cousing Outlook to send the mail to the Exchange server, and are there ways to prevent this from happening?