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Exchange 2003 Access Tracking

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  • Exchange 2003 Access Tracking

    Hi Guys,

    I have a feeling one of my Administrators has been looking through another users mailbox.

    The Event log entires seem to be inconclusive as to what folders they have actually accessed.

    In the SM I can see the "last accessed" was by as this Administrator but I'm 99% sure this happens even when someone is just viewing another users Calendar (as these are read-only for all users).

    Is there anywhere else I can look, or additional "non default" logging that can be turned on, or am I just missing something obvious in th event log on the exchange server ?

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Access Tracking

    1. Yes: Last access - even if you invite or check his calendar for a meeting request.
    2. Try thos for auditing mailboxes:
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