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Japanese User Can't Send

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  • Japanese User Can't Send


    We have an overseas employee who is located in Japan. Over the last 3 days, he has been unable to consistently send messages. He had been fine for the last couple of years.

    He is using Outlook Express, and POP's into our 2003 Exchange server. When he composes a message, it doesnt always go through, and it takes a long time before connecting. I had him send two messages to me, and one came through, but the other didnt. He received an undeliverable message, in japanese, and from what i could gather it translated to a message delivery time-out.

    Any ideas why he would start having trouble connecting to our server? All of his settings seem fine. Now it takes a long time for messages to come into, and be sent from his account. He seems to be receiving all of his messages, but he said even that is taking alot longer than it used to.

    Any ideas of what, if anything on our end, might be causing this?


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    Re: Japanese User Can't Send

    Could be anything, and without more information there is not much we can do.

    What network setup have you got, have you tried a simple telnet to both your SMTP and POP3 server?

    If you can connect through, try sending an email from the command line.
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      Re: Japanese User Can't Send

      1. As Topper said - more details needed in order to help you.
      2. Check for blocking his emails because of Black List in the next site (under "Spam Database Lookup" in IP Tests):
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        Re: Japanese User Can't Send

        Gotcha. Just found out he will be flying in next week. Hopefully I can spend some time looking at his laptop to see if I can diagnose it from here.