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Copying a user...Did you know?

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  • Copying a user...Did you know?

    We've created a user by using the copy option in AD because we wanted the user to have the same group membershipand other stuff as the copied user. Now we wanted to create a mailbox after the fact on the exchange server, the only option available to us is to enable instant messaging so we can't create a mailbox for this new user. Has anyone come across this scenario before? Our environment is set up like this. DC=Windows 2003 Server; Windows 2000 Server=Exchange Server with all the latest SPcks. The copy was done on the DC, but when you right-click the same user in the exchange server, you only get the option to enable instant messaging.

    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Copying a user...Did you know?

    When you "Copy" a user, it partly populates the Schema with Exchange data relating to the copied user's mailbox. It basically screws everything.

    My recommendation is to create a new user from scratch or use a user template which doesn't have a mailbox. I haven't found another way around it.

    HOWEVER - I have used a script in the past which listed all one user's Group Memberships into a text file and you could then copy and paste them to another user... I cannot post the script as it is the intellectual property of my former employer; but any competent scripter could do this in VBS.

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      Re: Copying a user...Did you know?

      Thanks Tom, I've since created the user from scrath, thanks for your contribution. I Tested this out and found out that if the copied user already has a mailbox created then a copy doesn't work. It is probably more trouble than it's worth.